At the heart of the Creative Queer Collective lies a vibrant vision: to nurture an inclusive community where creativity flows as freely as conversations, and every queer individual can find solace, strength, and celebration in their uniqueness. 

We are more than just a collective; we are a movement towards fostering deep connections, igniting creative passions, and building collaborative spaces where every voice is not just heard but celebrated. Here, creativity is not a mere activity; it's a life-affirming practice that draws us closer, breaking barriers and forging bridges within the queer community and beyond. 

Whether you're looking to share your story, expand your creative horizons, or simply find a community that understands and embraces you, the Creative Queer Collective is here for you. Join us at one of our monthly circles, or learn about upcoming workshops, retreats, and discussion groups below.

Programs and Services

Creative Circles

Circles are for sharing queer joy through songs, poems, music and creative self expression. They are open to all voices and abilities, and fosters individual and group creativity in a supportive environment. Alongside individual shares their is snacks, group singing and a lead craft.

Discussions and Workshops

Our workshops and discussion groups are about empowering members to share their passions and insights that resonate with our mission. Whether it’s organizing a craft night or leading a thought-provoking movie night and discussion, we stand ready to assist. 


Our retreats celebrate queer joy and creativity, and are co-created with participants. They feature shared meals, creative circles, and attendee-led workshops. Operating on a pay what you can model, we create accesible getaways for collaboration and community.

Upcoming Events

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